Potters Cove, Narragansett Bay

Potters Cove, Prudence Island, RI (Near Bristol, RI)

Nature Center (401-683-4236)


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National environmental preserve with a self-guided hiking trail and guided nature walks. The park has a picnic area, swimming, and boating areas. Accessible through a ferry from Bristol, RI. Open dawn to dusk, Memorial Day-Labor Day.

NOAA paper charts 13221 (1:40,000), 13223 (1:20,000), 13224 (1:20,000), and 13218 (1:80,000). Use tide tables for Newport. High tide at the south end of Prudence Island is 8 minutes later; low tide is 4 minutes earlier. Multiply by 1.1 for height at high or low water. Mean tidal range is 3.8 feet.

R N "2" at the entrance to Potter Cove on Prudence Island is 3nm from the State Pier in Bristol Harbor; 4.5nm from G C "3" at the entrance to Greenwich Bay; and 11.5nm from Newport.

Potters Cove or Coggeshall Cove, in the middle of the Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Sanctuary. Pick up some information about self-guided walks or visit with the resident naturalist at the "T-wharf" and nature center (401-683-4236) on the southeast tip of Prudence. You can only dock to load and unload, but you can anchor and pull a dinghy up any place along the shore, except where explicitly prohibited. The shellfishing is open and good everywhere except in Potter Cove.

If you plan to stay on the islands long, bring your own drinking water, as none is available in the sanctuary. There are picnic sites (no camping or fires allowed) on the southern tip of Prudence Island. Near the ferry docks at Homestead you'll find basic supplies and fresh baked goods at Marcy's Store, and more provisions at Fredy's Fruit or Canario's. Stay on the roads to keep clear of ticks (Lyme disease is a problem) and poison ivy, and to protect the natural habitat of the sanctuary.

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