Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Oak Bluffs Marina, Mass, Martha's Vineyard
508-693-4355, VHF Chnl 71


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Snug little harbor with great weather protection. The local town is funky with good restaurants, a beach, ferries to Woods hole, Falmouth, and Nantucket (possibly Hyannis also).

Bus transportation is available to Edgertown, Vineyard Haven, and Menemsha. Good port for exploring the Vineyard. Caution--I don't mind the rafted moorings but some may not like that. Rates for slips and moorings at http://www.oakbluffsharbor.com/prices.shtml. Martha's Vineyard has three main ports (1) Vineyard Haven well protected moorings by stone jetty and a lively downtown, (2) Oakbluffs mooring area so well protected by surrounding land that we were perfectly safe in a hurricane two years ago, restaurants stores and a beach within a stones throw and historic cottages in the famous Campgrounds, and (3) Edgartown moorings or anchor, upscale beautiful shops restaurants.

Oak Bluffs is home to many historical and nationally recognized landmarks. Located at the foot of Circuit Ave, the Flying Horses Carousel is the nation's oldest operating platform carousel. It is one of the two known carousels built by Charles W.F. Dare in 1876. In 1884, the Flying Horses were brought to Martha's Vineyard; this treasured carousel has been enjoyed by Vineyarders and visitors for more than a century.

The Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, located in the center of Town offers a unique experience for visitors. Consisting of hundreds of imaginative and colorful gingerbread cottages containing the most perfectly preserved collection of Carpenter Gothic style architecture in the world. These truly unique Victorian "gingerbread" cottages are just a stones throw from the famed Tabernacle.

Oak Bluffs operates the largest marina on Martha's Vineyard, which not only has the most slips, but is situated in the midst of the historic gingerbread campgrounds, and offers easy access to the rest of the Island. "OB", as it is sometimes referred to, also is home to several beautiful public beaches, a teaming shore of wildlife, fish and shellfish, fabulous public parks and even a microbrewery, and the island's finest golf course, Farm Neck.

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