Norwalk, CT –Western Long Island Sound

Norwalk, CT- Veteran’s Park

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At the north end of the river, on the east side, is Veteran's Park. The park has two long floating docks with enough dockside depth for MOST of our boats. You can walk across the bridge to SONO (SOuth NOrwalk), a "historic" area with some interesting shops. From the bridge you can walk to numerous good, interesting, and varied restaurants and the Norwalk Aquarium. Note that the dockage is on a first-come-first-served, no reservation basis. The marinas near the docks do not usually have any transient facilities. This is recommended as a weekday stop to avoid the crowds.

SoNo, with its delightful mixture of classy and tasteful or just plain homey restaurants, shops, and clubs, combined with museums and galleries, has become integrated with greater Norwalk as well as the harbor and Long Island Sound beyond. SoNo is anchored by the Maritime Center, which invites visitors of all ages to become immersed in sea life. Exhibits, educational programs, research cruises, and a boat building shop, are topped off by the spectacular IMAX Theatre.

The Norwalk Museum on North Main brings Norwalk’s past into a very sharp focus: The Norwalk Hat Factory comes back to life along with locks, 19th century pottery and a traditional hardware store. On the corner of Main and Washington, climb up a flight of stairs to the SoNo Switch Tower Museum, also of 19th century vintage.

Adjacent to the Aquarium, on a bluff overlooking the Norwalk River, is Oyster Shell Park (originally named Oyster Shell Point for the thousands of oyster shells discarded there by Native Americans making Wampum) where trails and walkways wind through marsh grasses, reeds and wildflowers. The park abounds with migratory birds, fiddler crabs and other aquatic life. From this bluff is a view of Norwalk Harbor.

Inspired by their passion for the arts and community spirit, the SoNo Arts Celebration is produced entirely by a staff of volunteers who work throughout the year on various committees.- Saturday, August 2, 2008: 10am – midnight, Sunday, August 3, 2008: 11am – 6pm, Puppet Parade: 3pm

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