New London, Eastern Long Island Sound

New London Waterfront Park, New London CT (Thames River)

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Contact City Center District at 860-442-2489 for boating information

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New London Waterfront Park 111 Union Street New London, CT 06320 860.447.5201

New London's newly constructed Waterfront Park, located on the Thames River and Long Island Sound, is recognized as a destination point for tall ships and luxury cruise lines and gives visitors hours of pleasure strolling and taking in the breezes and sun of Southeastern Connecticut. Stretching a half-mile along the water, this exciting park opens up the city to the Thames River and Long Island Sound. In addition, the city hosts festivals, concerts, and other public performances in the park. The $19 million park is officially open and offering a half mile promenade and five piers to city residents and visiting tourists from around the world. Public access to the waterfront has been improved, therefore, attracting walkers, bikers, fisherman, boaters, and anyone wishing to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Thames River and Long Island Sound.

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