Mattituck, Eastern Long Island Sound

Mattituck Inlet Anchorage (also Matt-A-Mar Marina)

Marina (631) 298-4739

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Established in 1678, Mattituck resides at the heart of the North Fork. A town bustling with local merchants, wineries, and beautiful views of both the bay and sound, Mattituck serves as the center of North Fork Living. The famous Love Lane serves as the town center, where local necessities meet modern luxuries. From the candy-striped barber pole and town post office to the gift and food stores offering everything from designer clothing, the finest cheeses to delectable chocolates and French inspired home décor. This is also where our annual Street Fair is held, bringing together locals and visitors to enjoy the merchants, speciality vendors and especially the Little Miss Mattituck contest.

A helpful hint for finding Mattituck Inlet: At about 4 nautical miles east of the oil platform off Roanoke Point, look for a long break in the bluffs for the entrance to Mattituck Creek. Gong "3A" is located about a mile north of the inlet. Run the creek south as far as you can go, where you can choose between a free anchorage or a transient slip at Matt-A-Mar Marina, which has a pool, restaurant, showers and restrooms.

While many people just anchor for the night, the marina serves the harbor as well. Located on Mattituck Inlet, a waterway to the beautiful Long Island Sound, Matt-A-Mar Marina offers a relaxing atmosphere with a scenic view. Matt-A-Mar Marina offers almost every amenity possible with convenience for the transient traveler. Vessels up to 70' are within walking distance to almost any service including shopping on quaint Love Lane, dinning at A Touch of Venice, a restaurant located on the premises, or maybe you want to take the kids for ice cream, a movie, or bowling.

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