Connecticut River, Long Island Sound

Hamburg Cove (Upriver from Essex, Connecticut)

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The entrance to Hamburg Outer Cove is about seven and a half miles above the Saybrook breakwater off Long Island Sound. US Coast Guard makers located directly across from Brockway Island about one mile past Essex Village clearly identify the beginning of the channel into the Outer Cove. (rev 7/08)

The mooring pick up requires your line from boat to run through mooring thimble.

Hamburg Cove is really two coves, the Inner Cove where Cove Landing is located, and the Outer Cove where one of the most charming and protected anchorages in all of New England welcomes mariners from far and near.


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hamburgcove-9.jpg (20154 bytes) To Left: Cove Landing (inner cove)
is 1 mile further upstream