Centerport, LI, NY-  Western Long Island Sound

Centerport Yacht Club

631-697-8691 VHF Channel 68

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Founded in 1947, the Centerport Yacht Club has served for almost sixty years as a boating and social activities focal point for the boating community in and around Centerport, NY, on Long Island's North Shore. Centerport Yacht Club welcomes visitors to enjoy the beauty of our harbor, and the comfort of our facilities. Visitors are welcome to use all facilities of the Club including the Dining Room and bar, lockers and showers, swimming pool, beach, and dock (subject to a 15-minute time limit for loading and off-loading - please see our Dock Rules for additional information). Water, electricity, and both block and cube ice are all available at the dock. Please speak with our Dockmaster to address any special needs you might have. Visitors are urged to request a guest mooring prior to arrival. Our guest mooring charge is $50 per day, which includes the use of our facilities. Please contact the Dockmaster, 631-697-8691, to make a reservation.
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