Block Island, Block Island Sound

Block Island, New Harbor (New Shoreham)

Harbormaster VHF Chnl 12 ,

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Free moorings are scarce on weekends and holidays, so be prepared to anchor for one night. Many boats leave in the morning, so that is a good time to find a mooring, West bound boats time their departure for two hours before flood begins at the Racew, so this is a good time to acquire a mooring. Best mooring spots are in front of the Boat Basin or Champlins as shelter from the prevailing South-West wind. Mooring availability starts 7:00 AM to about 9:00 AM, can hold mooring with dinghy for 20 minutes before Harbormaster kicks you off. Best day for getting a mooring is Sunday. Blue moorings to south-west are club moorings, but can stay at risk of being kicked off if club member shows up.

Its not advertised, but if it is windy, you can call Harbor Master after 5:00 PM and he will put you on a private mooring overnight. (rev 7/08)

New Harbor is on the West Side of the Island, in the Great Salt Pond. Completely enclosed salt pond has 3 large marinas, 90 town moorings and anchorage for 1000 yachts. 3 minute taxi ride or 15 minute walk to town or to Crescent Beach.

Block Island Harbors Department Contact Information
Office Telephone: (401) 466-3204
Summer Hours 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Winter Hours 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
VHF Radio - Ch12 7AM - 9PM - All Calls 9PM - 7AM - Emergency Only
Fax: (401) 466-3219

Block Island offers everything from casual cafés to fine dining and everything in between. Island eateries often feature daily caught seafood, imported specialties and spectacular views. Visitors will at some point find their way to Ballard's, a popular casual eating and drinking destination located on the beach and adjacent to downtown shopping area. Nightlife on Block Island is casual and enjoyable. Several dining establishments remain open into the later hours of the evening including a handful of pubs, taverns and cafés.

Block Island features 17 miles of pristine beaches, protected by lighthouses and spectacular bluffs, and surrounded by rolling roads and winding paths. Two-and-one-half miles of some of New England's finest beachfront can be found at Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach stretches along the island's east coast from Old Harbor (where the ferries dock) to Clay Head.

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